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Our team, consisting of 13 clinicians and 9 team members, is currently providing services to nearly 300 care communities.

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From CEO Sarah Luetke:

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For me, this is my calling and mission in life. Let me explain.

When I was working in a private dental practice, I started seeing patients that I’d served no longer having access to dental care because they couldn’t walk into a traditional brick and mortar practice.

I also had 3 family members with Alzheimer’s and one with stroke complications whose access to dental care was restricted.

And it broke my heart.

Seeing my own family struggle to care for our aging parents pushed me to find a way to continue caring for the oral health of our aging and vulnerable populations. Sound Dental Care was born to serve care communities, nursing homes, family homes, and others without access to dental care. We’d create a state-of-the-art dental office and go directly to those who needed care rather than forcing them to find a way to come to us.

our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize dental care by providing highly effective and accessible treatment  for tooth decay throughout the state of Washington.

As we have expanded our practice, we also discovered that many special needs patients are also struggling with the same problem of access to care.  Some of the barriers we have discovered include limited mobility, inability to transfer into dental chairs, bed-bound situations, lack of access to transportation, fear of expensive traditional dental treatment plans and a lack of financial resources to pay for even basic preventative dental care.

With our state-of-the-art mobile dental office, our heart is to expand access to care and to help patients overcome the barriers they encounter as they strive to live out their lives with dignity.



Sound Dental is one of the most heart-centered companies I’ve seen. They saw a need in their communities and found a way to meet the needs of so many with on-site dental care needs. Through this, they have and continue to help so many people.

Cindy P.

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