What makes us different


Our state-of-the-art mobile dental office comes directly to communities and patients.

Dr. Sarah Luetke greeting patients


We accept Medicaid and offer convenient payment options.


Our administrative team helps navigate the challenges of care facilities, powers of attorneys, guardians, etc.


With an accredited team of professional clinicians ready to serve, patients experience the same high standard of care they would receive in an excellent dental office.


Using FDA approved non-invasive silver diamine fluoride and routine dental cleanings, our goal is always to help patients prevent tooth decay and other dental complications and concerns.


In our quest to meet patients where they are, we offer multi-purpose room care, wheelchair care, private room care, and teledentistry for patients and providers in different locations.

How we are making an impact


Delivering highly effective, low cost, and portable treatment for the management of tooth decay.


Bringing dental care to underserved areas and communities across the State of Washington.


Minimizing the need for expensive, high-risk treatment plans for vulnerable adults who often have multiple health conditions.


Empowering care communities to address their residents' unmet demand for the treatment of teeth decay and preventative oral care.


Reducing the prevalence of tooth decay in care communities with a commitment to affordability and full inclusion of Medicaid clients.

“a game changer for Residents”

Sound Dental Care is a game changer for Residents who live in skilled nursing facilities. Residents are often too debilitated to go to a dental office to obtain the much-needed dental care they deserve. This group provides full dental cleaning and exams at the bedside as well as protection from cavities or worsening of decay. It warms my heart to be able to offer this service to our most vulnerable population and the Sound Dental Care team is amazing to work with. Everyone should take advantage of their service.

Jennifer S.

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