Patient enrollment

enrollment is easy

Let's get started! Simply click on the enrollment portal below and we will walk you through the process. Most enrollees are able to in enroll in about 10 minutes.

Please note that Sound Dental Care does need to have a care arrangement with the care community to provide dental care. If you are unsure if we are providing care where the patient will be served, please call the care community or give us a call.

Optional online forms

Silver Diamine Consent Form

The first optional form is our Silver Diamine Consent Form. Most of our patients consent to silver diamine treatments during the enrollment process; however, some patients and families do decide to decline that part of our all-inclusive service. The form below is for when a patient changes his or her mind about receiving silver diamine treatments. We only need this form if silver diamine treatment was declined during the initial enrollment.

Primary Care Physician (PCP) Orders

The second form is a request for Primary Care Physician (PCP) Orders. As part of the enrollment process, patients consent to Sound Dental Care working directly with the PCP. Each care community works a little differently and this form is one way that we communicate with the PCP to help our practice deliver a safe service. This form is typically used by Care Community Advocates who work in the care communities.

printable forms

Generally speaking, the online forms listed above will save you a considerable amount of time; however, we understand that some people do prefer to enroll with a paper document. All three of the forms listed above are available as printable documents via the following links.

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