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Getting my dad to his dentist appointments was quite an ordeal given his limited capacity to understand what was happening. Sound dental care has made it so much easier by coming to his facility and giving him the care he needs where he lives!

Mark S.

Sound Dental Care is a game changer for Residents who live in skilled nursing facilities. Residents are often too debilitated to go to a dental office to obtain the much needed dental care they deserve. This group provides full dental cleaning and exams at the bedside as well as protection from cavities or worsening of decay. It warms my heart to be able to offer this service to our most vulnerable population and the Sound Dental Care team is amazing to work with. Everyone should take advantage of their service.

Jennifer S.

Sound Dental Care has been treating my husband at his care home. I am amazed at the commitment to people who are in the last phase of their life. They often can't speak or even appreciate what is being done. I watched Laura as she cared for my husband's teeth, mouth, gums with such compassion and expertise. It is not just a job, it is a true calling. I would highly recommend them and can't thank them enough for providing such a service.

Linda c.

As the Director of Memory, I find the services provided to my residents by Sound Dental to be priceless. Erica is patient, kind and both empathetic and sympathetic to the diagnosis of my residents. The in house preventive care provided is excellent for my residents who are no longer able to attend outside provider visits. From my professional experience, I recommend them highly.

Sandra T.

Sound Dental is one of the most heart-centered companies I’ve seen. They saw a need in their communities and found a way to meet the needs of so many with on-site dental care needs. Through this, they have and continue to help so many people.

Cindy P.

Sound Dental Care has served my residents in three communities during my career. Sarah, Erica, and the rest of the team are fantastic at what they do for our seniors. Sound dental are professional, dependable, and are outstanding at communication. When they come to the community they supply everything and leave the area they work in just the way they found it. Living in a Memory Care unit should not keep you from getting excellent dental care, and they make this happen. Thank you Sound Dental Care!!

Donna W.

I haven't had dentures for over a year and I really like the feel now with Sarah has taught me how to use my new teeth and they explained everything a lot better than anyone who ever put teeth in my mouth before has done they gave me all kinds of instructions that I can follow and now I'm more comfortable I have no pain and so I'm very comfortable and happy with my teeth and I hope to learn to eat with them again.

Verde G.

I use these guys with my elderly and disabled clients. They are great, kind, do a great job, and work awesome with my people.

Jenifer M.

sound dental care team operating on a patient

The administration staff at sound dental care are attentive, professional and down to earth. They don’t just have a goal of providing a service, they want to care for people. The purpose of the dental treatment plans and far greater than just that, they understand it’s human health. They are caring for the smile you love and protect. Sarah is down to earth and has a big faith filled heart! Your family and friends will be in the best care you can find!

Madison P.

Sarah is awesome. We have a home for people with disabilities, including many with autism, who have tactile sensitivities. They all love her. She is compassionate and accommodating and makes it so easy to get dental care for our residents. We would recommend her for anyone.

Jan F.

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