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Office Manager

When Faye has a free evening, she wants to be dancing. Faye spent her earliest years in the Philippines and has fond memories of the happiness and freedom of Filipino parties, fiestas, and dancing. If there is a local event with dancing, she’s there!

Faye’s next vacation choice was easy… a trip to the Philippines! A perfect day at home includes visiting family on her parents’ balcony or sharing stories with friends and neighbors underneath a mango tree.

One of Faye’s guiding principles is,"Always stay humble and be kind to others." If you spend any time with Faye, you will pick up on her kindness. She appreciates the differences in people, and every interaction with her makes you feel a little bit better about life. Faye did not ask us to share this video, but we could not help ourselves. We think this song is a glimpse of how Faye walks through the world.

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