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Insurance Specialist

Ella's favorite thing to do is being creative. She has a knack for lots of creative hobbies: sewing/quilting, acrylic painting, jewelry making, wedding sign making, floral arranging, cards, scrapbooks, embroidery... the list goes on. She can't manage to land on one in particular to fully master, skipping around is part of the fun.

She wants to go to London (or England in general) someday. Ella really likes to learn the history of the places that she visits and plans to "research" the trip with some good British TV shows.

Ella likes the passage, "Where you invest your love, you invest your life" from the song Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons. These words make her think about family and friends and how she can most fully serve them, support them, and love them.

Sometimes that looks like texting, calling, or visiting those we love. Sometimes that looks like praying for them. Sometimes that looks like making a gift or cooking a meal. Working hard at one's job is also an investment in your family, and she is thankful to give her time and effort to her family's present and future.

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