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Dr. Steve

Dr. Steve

DDS - Dentist

Spending time with his grandchildren is what Dr. Steve likes best, and he considers each one of them a delightful expression of the love in his family. These are the kinds of discussions happening in the Duffin family... his twelve-year-old grandson recently shared a very cogent argument for why the Big Bang Theory is incomplete to explain the origin of the universe. Thereʼs a video. If you know Dr. Steve, ask him to share it with you.

Dr. Steve has worked with colleagues to treat tooth decay with SDF across the world. He has worked in several countries in South America, Africa and the Middle East, and he currently has his eye on Asia. His team plans to make inroads there in the coming year.

We really loved the quote Dr. Steve shared with us. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

He unpacked that for us a little saying, “Everything we know and can know are simply doors toward a more complete understanding of reality. Imagination is necessary to understand how these pieces of knowledge come together and represent the mosaic of our experience.”

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