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Kristin has a huge passion for canning with a specialization in pickles. She has even branded her pickles as Schincke Dills. Her fresh, crunchy pickles are something to experience. Kristin mentioned a bunch of brand name pickles that Schincke Dills put to shame, but we are not mentioning those names here out of fear of retaliation from the pickle industry. Yes… Kristin is a pretty big DILL! (pun courtesy of Kristin, of course)

Kirstin’s dream trip would include India, Tibet, and Nepal. Her mother has traveled to these countries for decades to feed the needy and serve at orphanages. When Kristin was growing up, it was common for her family to host monks and nuns from both India and Tibet. Learning more about the world from their guests is something Kristin always enjoyed and continues to cherish.

We are blessed to have Kristin share her favorite quote with us every day, “It’s a great day to have a great day!” It doesn't matter what’s happening… she is going to say it. Every day.

Kristin was happy to explain, “You never know what can happen in a day so make the best of it. Life is way too short not to.”

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