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Studio 8E8

Studio 8E8

Digital Design Team

Over at Studio EightyEight, when they're not hard at work crafting beautiful, story-driven dental websites, you can catch them in the midst of a high-stakes foosball match. And if you stop by during lunch on a Monday afternoon to find them debating the "right" spin technique or claiming "foosball elbow" is acting up again, you've caught them on a pretty regular day.‍

While they do have global foosball aspirations, Studio EightyEight's dream vacation spot is, without a doubt, right here in the US, in Napa Valley, California. With Josh Scott, their CEO, serving as their resident level 3 sommelier, the team knows they'll enjoy a wine-fueled adventure filled with scenery. Everything from sun-kissed vineyards to delicious wine tastings in the mountains, did someone say team building exercise?

A quote that has always resonated with Studio EightyEight is from Donald Miller, "When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are." Their team is not just about creating beautiful dental websites; it's about understanding and highlighting the unique essence of each dental practice they collaborate with. Much like embracing the imperfections that make a person genuine and relatable, Studio EightyEight tailors every website to reflect the true character and vision of any dental practice it represents.

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