Your Resident Can Be Seen NOW

24/7 Online Dental Consultations with Dentists licensed in Washington

Address your resident's concern via a video interaction with an on-call dentist via a tablet or smartphone!

Avoid an emergency by working with the dentist to determine a diagnosis and corrective action!

Be an advocate who helps the resident access a referral to an in-person dental provider once the virtual appointment ends. The dentist will provide a local solution!

Facilitate the prescription of an antibiotic via the dentist! (if needed)

Teledentistry services are available to communities that have an existing agreement or contract with Sound Dental Care. If you would like to enroll in our teledentistry program, please contact us via our online form.

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If your community already has an active teledentistry agreement with Sound Dental Care, please enter the virtual waiting room to care for your resident.

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