Integrated Preventative Care (IPC)

What is Integrated Preventative Care (IPC)?

Integrated Preventive Care (IPC) refers to a comprehensive and coordinated approach to dental care that focuses on preventing disease and promoting overall health. The goal of IPC is to provide patients with timely and personalized preventive services and interventions to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and improve health outcomes. Our approach emphasizes the importance of early detection, daily routine modifications to address oral health concerns, and regular dental cleanings and evaluations.

How does our Integrated Preventative Care (IPC) program benefit patients?

IPC considers the patient's physical, mental, and social well-being as interconnected components of overall health. Some of the benefits of our program include:

Personalized Care Plans

Our providers create individualized preventive care plans for patients based on their specific health risks and dental history. These plans may include follow-on care instructions for the care community, daily oral hygiene recommendations, or a referral to address a chief concern.

Continuous Monitoring

We provide monitoring of dental health indicators and risk factors via teledentistry. Our customized electronic health record helps us track a patient's progress and adjust the care plan as needed.

Team-Based Care

Our approach to IPC involves a multidisciplinary team approach that extends beyond the Sound Dental Care team to include care community physicians, nurses, dietitians, speech therapists, and other specialists. Collaboration ensures that our services contribute to a patient’s overall care plan.

Emphasis on Early Detection

Early detection of dental concerns can help identify tooth decay and dental pain at the initial stages. Our combination of regular dental cleanings and teledentistry reviews helps us head off dental emergencies.

Daily Oral Care Modifications

IPC emphasizes the importance of changing routines that are not working. We emphasize the importance of good daily oral care and provide patients and facilities with strategies and recommendations to improve day-to-day care.

Technology Integration

We leverage technology, such as electronic health records, teledentistry, and internal cloud-based apps to enhance communication, data sharing, and patient engagement as we serve patients.

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