We Miss Your Smile

We Miss Your Smile...

As I sit here and write this, I realize that I have been quarantined for 8 weeks like many of you have.  Years from now, I wonder what stories we will have to share from our months of mandatory closure.  I have spent time with my family cooking, homeschooling, gardening, laying a new brick patio, and playing games with my boys.  Yes, we watched some TV and read a few books too.  And then there has also been time for personal and professional reflection...

Spending time with family has been a blessing; however, under normal circumstances I would be taking care of the geriatric population's oral health needs by day and my family by night.  I do not consider this calling work.  When you find a career that you are passionate about and look forward to doing every day, you miss the "work" when it is taken away from you.  I like to refer to my clinical days as "We made people smile today" days.  Brightening someone's day by taking the time to provide compassionate care always brings me a smile.  And to have that smile returned is why we do the "work."

Now more than ever, take the time to care for someone and show them kindness.  Help others SMILE!

Be well,

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